May 2021 News Archive

New Additives from Allnex

During this historically unusual time, we at Majemac look to the future and we see a great deal that is positive. We are gratified as well that our suppliers are anticipating the future and are moving forward with new ideas and technology. One of those companies is Allnex Additives who recently conducted a virtual training […]

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Majemac Features Calcium Carbonate

Featured in this newsletter is our outstanding line of calcium carbonate from Oldcastle Industrial Minerals. Oldcastle calcium carbonate is mined from the oldest source of white marble in North Carolina. This ore has been used in industrial and consumer products for over 130 years. Mineral production is at Fletcher, North Carolina. Powder grades are available […]

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Majemac Offers Aluminum Paste to Coating Customers

We are pleased to offer to our coatings customers, aluminum paste from United States Metal Powders, Inc. Two general purpose grades are available, both leafing and non-leafing. 125NL is a general purpose non-leafing grade offering high performance in industrial solvent based coatings. Grade 130 is a leafing grade offering high leafing values, again for non-aqueous […]

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Fumed Silica’s Versatility and Wide Array of Applications

Fumed silicon dioxide is perhaps the most interesting and versatile product sold by Majemac. Numerous hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades are used in many industries for a wide array of applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, fumed silica is used as an excipient in tableting applications. The silica performs two functions, the first to improve release of […]

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Outstanding Line of Muscovite Mica

We are pleased to represent Southeastern Performance Minerals and their outstanding line of muscovite mica. Produced at their plant in Deepstep, Georgia, our wet ground and dry ground mica products are commonly used in the coatings, plastics, and composites industries. Systems formulated using mica generally exhibit excellent sandability, improved film integrity, and barrier properties due […]

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For the Lab and Plant

We are proud to represent the Leneta Company, the world leader for high quality test charts for the paint and coatings industry. All test charts are not alike. Your critical R&D endeavors and quality control depend on the highest level of reproducibility in the lab and plant. With Leneta brand test charts and equipment you […]

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