Fumed Silica’s Versatility and Wide Array of Applications

Fumed silicon dioxide is perhaps the most interesting and versatile product sold by Majemac. Numerous hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades are used in many industries for a wide array of applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, fumed silica is used as an excipient in tableting applications. The silica performs two functions, the first to improve release of the tablet from the dyes and secondly to promote dispersion internally.

Fumed silica is also used widely in the polyester industry as a thixotrope in gel coats and polyester resins. Applications in the coatings, and ink industries are also well known. Orisil 200 is our most popular hydrophilic grade used commonly in composites industrial coatings and other specialty applications. Two very popular hydrophobic grades are Orisil M130 and Orisil SF125.

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