American Process Grades of Zinc Oxide Provide the Highest Level of Performance and Stability

For over twenty years we have been pleased to offer the Maximo Zinc line of American process zinc oxide. Zinc oxide has long been used as a fungistat in the coatings industry and our American process grades are particularly suited to provide the highest level of performance and stability.

There are two processes used in producing pigment grade zinc oxide, the American process and the French process. With the American process, a more acicular particle is derived as opposed to the French process which is more nodular in structure. Typically, the acicular pigments are less reactive in coatings systems and are therefore considered more stable. Other considerations affecting zinc oxide stability are the dispersants used, Shamrock Technologies Southeastern Performance Minerals LLC the treatment on the titanium dioxide, and the amount of fines in the zinc oxide, (the less the better).

Grade 417W is an acicular, American process pigment which provides the maximum in stability and a narrow particle size distribution. It is our most commonly used coating grade and is maintained in inventory in our Clearwater warehouse.

For our customers producing zinc rich primers, we also maintain inventory of 1XL zinc dust. 1XL grade is a high purity zinc pigment formulated specifically for the requirements of the industrial coatings producer.

To obtain a sample or for additional information about either 417W zinc oxide or 1XL zinc dust, please contact your Majemac representative.