New Additives from Allnex

During this historically unusual time, we at Majemac look to the future and we see a great deal that is positive. We are gratified as well that our suppliers are anticipating the future and are moving forward with new ideas and technology.

One of those companies is Allnex Additives who recently conducted a virtual training session for us highlighting a number of new additives now available. In this newsletter, we present these interesting new products, all of which are commercially available, samples of which are available today.

Additol Dry CF 300 is a new, auxiliary drier based on Zr and Ba. It is intended for use in combination with Additol Dry CF 100 in either aqueous or non-aqueous coatings systems where improved through dry and the elimination of cobalt is desired. Systems formulated using 1 part of Additol CF 100 and 1.5 parts of Additol Dry CF 300 exhibit greatly improved loss of dry performance, excellent hardness development, and significant reduction of yellowing vs. traditional cobalt driers.

Additol XW 6584 and Additol XW 6585 are two new silicone defoamers for waterbased systems. These two new additives add to our already long list of defoamer technology for the architectural and decorative concrete industries. Additol XW 6584 and Additol XW 6585 are highly efficient yet highly compatible and are easily incorporated into a wide range of waterborne systems. They are designed for use in either clear or pigmented systems and are readily incorporated into the grind or letdown. These highly efficient defoamers will not affect gloss or create a haze effect.

Additol XL 6583 is a unique polymeric dispersant intended for use in fast curing binders such as Michael Addition, 100% epoxy, and 2k acrylic systems. Coatings formulated using Additol XL 6583 exhibit superior grinding results with a lower mill base viscosity, improved cross-linking density, and improved 20 degree and 60 degree gloss. For customers formulating industrial flooring systems, an evaluation of Additol XL 6583 would be resources well spent.

Additol XW 6588 is a high-performance dispersant with corrosion control properties for use in water-based DTM industrial systems, especially 2k and 1k anti-corrosive systems. Additol XW 6588 is designed for all pigment types, exhibits a strong interaction with anti-corrosive pigments, and promotes high pigment loading and improved gloss. In keeping with their desire to provide customers with complete functional systems, Allnex is also introducing two new anti-corrosion acrylic 1k resins which incorporate Additol XW 6588. Setaqua DTM 6850 and Setaqua 6899 are 1k acrylic emulsions designed to be used in combination with Additol XW 6588 to provide robust metal protection coatings for the industrial coatings segment of the industry.

For our customers producing powder coatings, Allnex has two new products. Modaflow Powder 6000 and Modaflow Powder III are specially formulated to improve surface defects such as pinholes and orange peel, and to improve flow and levelling in powder systems.

To obtain additional information or to request a sample, contact your Majemac representative.