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Burgess Optiwhite

It has been many years since the Burgess Pigment Company introduced the first thermooptic kaolin clays to the paint and coatings industry. In that time, Optiwhite, Optiwhite P, and Optiwhite MX have gained significant market acceptance based on two key properties: opacity and flatting efficiency. Formulating with Optiwhite products enable the coatings producer to achieve […]

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Optipozz Pozzalan for Concrete

Kaolin clay, both hydrous and calcined grades, have long been used in a wide array of industries as extender pigments and functional fillers. Our supplier of kaolin clay, the Burgess Pigment Company is recognized as the leader in the production of specialty grades of kaolin for the coatings, rubber, plastics and printing ink industries. The […]

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Shamrock Texture Additives

Polypropylene texture additives are widely used in the decorative concrete and flooring industry. Shamrock Technologies is the leading producer of these products which are available in a wide range of particle sizes. The most popular products for the decorative concrete market are Texture 1200A, and Texture SPP500. Texture 1200A is 50 mesh and the SPP500 […]

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CR Minerals Pumice for Paint and Coatings Industry

CR Minerals Safsil and Navajo brand pumice grades are widely used in the paint and coatings industry as well as many others. The low density and unique particle morphology of the vitreous pumice imparts many desirable properties. Safsil products are high performance functional fillers that contain less than .1% respirable crystalline silica. SafSil may be […]

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Inovachem Specialty Chemicals

We are pleased to announce that Majemac has been appointed the agent for the southeast region for Inovachem Specialty Chemicals. Inovachem produces M Amine 1, an amine PH buffer which offers advantages over other PH buffers such as ammonia or amino-methyl-propanol, which are commonly used in latex systems. M Amine 1 offers numerous benefits to […]

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Industrial Alkyd Resins

Allnex USA, Inc. has long been recognized as a leading producer of solvent borne alkyd resins, water reducible alkyd resins, and alkyd emulsion resins for the industrial and decorative coatings market. Their long list of alkyd resins includes short, medium and long oil alkyds, oil modified urethanes, modified alkyds, and alkyd co-polymers. In recent years, […]

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Responsible Distribution

As a responsible supplier of many products for the chemical and related industries, Majemac maintains files of up-to-date Safety Data Sheets on all our products. All producers are required to maintain up to date SDS for every product used on site. Majemac is your partner in that effort and we are pleased to provide you […]

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New Additives from Allnex

During this historically unusual time, we at Majemac look to the future and we see a great deal that is positive. We are gratified as well that our suppliers are anticipating the future and are moving forward with new ideas and technology. One of those companies is Allnex Additives who recently conducted a virtual training […]

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Majemac Features Calcium Carbonate

Featured in this newsletter is our outstanding line of calcium carbonate from Oldcastle Industrial Minerals. Oldcastle calcium carbonate is mined from the oldest source of white marble in North Carolina. This ore has been used in industrial and consumer products for over 130 years. Mineral production is at Fletcher, North Carolina. Powder grades are available […]

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