Optipozz Pozzalan for Concrete

Kaolin clay, both hydrous and calcined grades, have long been used in a wide array of industries as extender pigments and functional fillers. Our supplier of kaolin clay, the Burgess Pigment Company is recognized as the leader in the production of specialty grades of kaolin for the coatings, rubber, plastics and printing ink industries. The Optiwhite grades of flash calcined clays have long been the standard in the coatings industry for maximum tio2 extension while maintaining properties such as scrub resistance and stain resistance. In recent years, certain specially engineered calcined grades have found wide use as a pozzalan in concrete mixes. Burgess Optipozz increases strength and reduces permeability of cement-based products. This unique metakaolin functions by converting calcium hydroxide, the free lime formed during hydration of cement, to additional cementitious materials. Concrete mixes formulated with Optipozz cure quickly and exhibit significant increases in flexural and compressive strength early in the curing process. Optipozz also improves permeability, reduces shrinkage, and improves trowellability of the system.

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