Burgess Optiwhite

It has been many years since the Burgess Pigment Company introduced the first thermooptic kaolin clays to the paint and coatings industry. In that time, Optiwhite, Optiwhite P, and Optiwhite MX have gained significant market acceptance based on two key properties: opacity and flatting efficiency.

Formulating with Optiwhite products enable the coatings producer to achieve substantial tio2 reductions while at the same time contributing to sheen uniformity in the film and improved flatting efficiency.

Properly formulated, Optiwhite allows the coatings formulator to achieve significant cost savings due to tio2 reductions, and to realize additional property improvements of the overall coatings system as well.

The newest member of the Optiwhite family of products is Optiwhite UF. Like the other Optiwhite clays, Optiwhite UF is produced by Burgess’s flash calcination process which imparts superior opacity, brightness, and cost savings as a result of tio2 reduction. Due to the fine particle size of Optiwhite UF, it is suitable for use in satin and semi-gloss finishes making it a unique and exciting new technology for our paint customers.

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