Navajo Brand Pumice Products

Majemac is pleased to represent CR Minerals for their Navajo Brand pumice products. Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, classified as a vitreous silica/silicate; it contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica. The applications for pumice through the years are numerous and varied, from hand soaps and cleaners, to industrial polishes, to non-skid applications for coatings, there are always new applications for this versatile mineral. Particle sizes for the industrial grades range from the finest FFFF grade to the large particle size #4 grade. Shamrock Technologies Southeastern Performance Minerals LLC.

In addition to the traditional industrial line is the SafeSil product line of fine ground pumice. Designed to replace other silica containing fillers used in the coatings industry, SafeSil offers excellent gloss and sheen control and more highly saturated deep tone colors. There are two grades of SafeSil, CT200 at 2-3 hegman, and the finer grade, CT450 with a hegman of 4.5 – 5.5.