Industrial Alkyd Resins

Allnex USA, Inc. has long been recognized as a leading producer of solvent borne alkyd resins, water reducible alkyd resins, and alkyd emulsion resins for the industrial and decorative coatings market. Their long list of alkyd resins includes short, medium and long oil alkyds, oil modified urethanes, modified alkyds, and alkyd co-polymers. In recent years, as demand for these products has become more oriented away from bulk consumption to drum consumption, the requirement for local inventory has grown more critical to coatings producers. Majemac maintains inventory in Clearwater of Allnex products in both drum and tote tank quantities as required by our customers. This local source of supply enables us to serve our customer’s requirements for timely shipments. To learn more about our alkyd products and the entire Majemac line, please contact your Majemac representative.