We are pleased to now be able to offer our customers a complete line of biocides for both the dry film and wet stage.  Our two biocide suppliers, Janssen PMP and PromChem LTD. combine to offer a highly effective and innovative range of products which are environmentally friendly and economical.

Janssen PMP

Janssen PMP is a leading producer of zinc pyrion and sodium pyrion antimicrobials.  We have marketed these compounds for many years in Florida and are pleased to be able to offer this very effective technology throughout our coverage area of the entire southeast. 

Zinc and Sodium pyrion are highly effective in the control of both mildew and algae in a wide array of water based coatings and adhesive systems.  Pyrion exhibits a slow leach rate which will remain present and effective through the life of the coating system.  Pyrion will not cause discoloration and is environmentally friendly in the plant and at the final application site.  Pyrion is particularly well suited for coatings systems applied to masonry surfaces.

Please contact your Majemac sales representative for samples or additional details.

Prom Chem, LTD.

We are pleased to announce that Majemac has been appointed the distributor for Prom Chem, LTD. in the state of Florida and southern Alabama.   Prom Chem is a leading producer of a wide range of wet phase biocides based on either BIT in solution or in combination with other compounds.  

BIT (1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one) is a safe, and formaldehyde free biocide which has been proven effective for long term preservation at low levels, typically .1% - .3%, and at a wide range of ph., 4-10.  BIT works by penetrating the cells of microorganisms, reacts with vital parts of the cells and inactivates important substrates and enzymes necessary to normal cell function.  These relatively unspecific reactions exhibit a bactericidal effect and minimize adaptation or the development of microbial resistance.

These innovative products in conjunction with our zinc pyrithione technology from Janssen PMP enables Majemac to now offer our customers a wide range of biocides for both the wet and dry phase.  To obtain a sample, or for additional information, please contact your Majemac representative.
Cortec Corrosion Inhibitors

For many years, Majemac has been pleased to represent Cortec Corporation and their very unique line of corrosion inhibiting additives based on proprietary VPCi (vapor phase corrosion inhibitors) technology.  This unique line of specialty additives is designed for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates for the control of both corrosion as well as flash rusting.  Three of their more popular additives are for water based systems.  M-119 / M-119LV provides excellent salt spray resistance for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.  M-380 is especially recommended for use in acrylic or styrenated acrylic coatings systems and M-381 is a second generation version of M-380 incorporating nano technology.  M-380 and M-381 are often used synergistically with M-119.  These additives are liquid and are able to be post added into a wide variety of water based systems at low levels. 

To learn more about these unique and highly functional products, please contact your Majemac representative or visit our website at